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Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

About the Middle School

Sacred Heart's Middle School is an exciting place. Girls at this age are making decisions critical to their moral and emotional development. Sacred Heart provides a setting in which girls are encouraged to test their opinions with guidance from their teachers and parents. Teachers provide motivation and promote active learning. Students work and share with each other in cooperative groups.
Language arts and social studies are taught as part of an Integrated Humanities program so that students read historical fiction concerning the time periods they are learning about in social studies. Small groups within language arts classes hold lively discussions of literature and the historical period reflected in it. Students improve their writing skills through writing assignments in all subjects across the curriculum.
Mathematics classes seek to address the skill level of individual students, an Algebra I course is offered in eighth grade. The science laboratory provides practical experience for the budding scientist and fosters critical thinking and problem solving skills.  
The Middle School at Sacred Heart is a unique place for a young girl to learn and to grow as a person, to recognize her unique talent, and to become self-confident.  
Middle School