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Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart Education 
For 150 years, the goals of Sacred Heart's educational program have remained the same: to produce self-confident women, to provide a challenging intellectual environment, to develop a love of God, and to create a desire to help others. A holistic approach to learning seeks to respond to the academic, aesthetic, athletic, spiritual, social, and emotional needs of each child with a curriculum well-grounded in basic and special courses. Sacred Heart offers a traditional approach to education taught in contemporary ways. 
Sacred Heart is a Catholic school with a tradition of ecumenism, welcoming the enrichment that students and faculty of all faiths offer. With its religious education program, the school seeks to foster open-mindedness and reverence for differences.
Whether in Pre-K or 12th grade, Sacred Heart students take initiative and are active participants in their own learning. They acquire leadership and life skills, and gain the desire to make a difference in the world.  
  • Academic Program: Sacred Heart's curriculum is based on a rigorous college preparatory program. Our Integrated Humanities approach offers a unique plan of studies that presents the literature, history, music, and art history of a period concurrently. We understand that students learn best when they are engaged with the subject matter and can make connections. Starting in the Lower School, students are encouraged to take part in experiential learning with a hands-on approach. 
  • Beyond the Classroom: Activities are integral to the life of a Sacred Heart student and provide opportunities for friendship, leadership, sportsmanship, and school spirit. 
  • Outstanding Faculty: Sacred Heart students are inspired and supported by an exceptional faculty. Our teachers are the true heart of the school. They provide context and passion to the learning environment, and serve as role models for the students to follow.