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Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

Since the year 1800, when Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat founded the Society of the Sacred Heart in France, special ceremonies and traditions have been enjoyed by the Sacred Heart Schools. These events provide opportunities for transmitting values and perpetuating familial ties as well as fostering school spirit.  Many of the traditions fostered at Bryn Mawr are a source of fond memories for a lifetime.

All School Traditions

Big Sister/Little Sister Program
Each Freshman student is assigned to a Junior who will be her Big Sister over the next two years. The girls meet at Freshman Orientation, which is held at the end of the summer. The Junior acts as a support and guide to the new Freshman student and helps her feel more comfortable at Sacred Heart. In the Middle School, 8th graders are paired with 6th graders and the 7th graders are paired with 5th graders.Congé (pronounced con-jay)

A surprise in-school holiday when faculty and students join together in a day of organized fun. Congé means “holiday” in French. 

Father/Daughter Mass & Breakfast
Sunday morning in early November, fathers and daughters attend Mass followed by breakfast at a local country club. This is a great time for the dads to meet other Sacred Heart fathers and spend time with their daughters. The Fathers’ Association coordinates this day.

Father/Daughter Dances
The dances, one for grades Pre-K – 6 and one for grades 7 -12, are held in the spring and are attended by students and their fathers. They are held at school and are sponsored by the Fathers’ Association.

Fathers’ Day at School
Fathers are invited to spend all or part of the day at school with their daughters. They attend classes, go to lunch and experience a day at Sacred Heart. This event usually occurs in early October, and is coordinated by the Fathers’ Association. For students in Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st, 5th, 9th and 12th grades.

Field Day
Each school has a day of athletic events that ends the yearlong competition between the Red and White teams.

Gouter (pronounced goo-tay)
A surprise sweet snack. Gouter means, “to taste” in French.

Honors Assembly
A formal presentation of awards held after the completion of each quarter in the Middle and Upper Schools.

Mother/Daughter Mass and Lunch
This event is usually held in the spring. Mothers and daughters form the Lower, Middle and Upper Schools are invited to attend mass at the Gormley Gymnasium followed by lunch at a local country club. Mothers, grandmothers and special friends attend this liturgy and luncheon to honor the special relationship between mothers and daughters. The Mothers’ Association sponsors this event.

Prize Day 
Prize Day is held on the last day of their school year. The Lower, Middle and Upper Schools gather for formal presentations of awards for achievement and effort.

Red and White Picnic
The Red & White picnic is usually held on the evening of the first day of classes for the Upper School, with the purpose of welcoming everyone back to Sacred Heart. The Lower, Middle and Upper Schools are invited to the picnic. Parents, faculty and siblings also attend. At the picnic, new students pick their team - red or white - to which they will be assigned for their entire experience at Sacred Heart. If a mother or sibling has graduated from Sacred Heart, the student is automatically given her color. Throughout the year, the Committee of Games coordinates various activities to help earn points for the red or white teams. At the end of the year, these points are combined with those won on Field Day.

Sacred Heart Network Exchange 
As members of the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, our students may participate in Network exchange programs at any of the twenty Sacred Heart School in various locations in the United States.

Student Fund Raisers
All classes organize a variety of fund raising events to support their class treasuries. This money is used to underwrite some of the costs for their Ring Dance and Senior Prom. Typical fundraisers are Hal-O-Grams, Val-O-Grams, car washes, etc. The Freshman class sponsors the Middle School Field Hockey tournament held in the fall. Parents, faculty and the entire student body support these fund raising efforts.
Upper School Traditions

Freshman Day
In addition to a Big Sister, each Freshman is assigned a Senior. On Freshman Day, which will take place on October 31st of this year, each Freshman is asked to dress up and perform a dance or skit that her Senior has requested her to do. The Juniors also perform a skit roasting the Seniors. The skits are usually performed in small groups. The Freshmen wear their costumes all day. Also, the Sophomores provide lunch for the Seniors, while the Freshmen make a cape and crown, which the Seniors wear throughout the day. It’s a great way for the Freshmen girls to work together and also allows the underclassmen to honor the Seniors as “Queens for the Day.”
Junior Ring Mass,Ceremony, & Dance
The Juniors have a special Mass where their school rings are presented. A dance is held afterwards to celebrate.
Junior Luncheon after Ring Mass & Ceremony
Following the Ring Mass & Ceremony, the Seniors honor the Juniors by hosting a special lunch in the Dining Room.
Seniors - One Hundred Days
The Seniors celebrate and count down the last one hundred days until graduation.

Senior Luncheon after Prize Day

Following Prize Day, the Juniors honor the Seniors by having a special lunch in the Dining Room. This is a time to reinforce the bonds between the girls as the Juniors bid farewell to the Seniors.

Senior Prom
The Seniors celebrate their last year with a beautiful prom.

Senior Reception
Junior and Sophomore parents host a reception at the Mansion immediately following graduation. Seniors and their families, along with faculty and staff, attend this reception, which marks the Seniors' final good-bye to Sacred Heart. The Mothers’ Association sponsors the reception

Lower School Traditions

Held every Friday, Primes (pronounced "preems") is the weekly assembly of the Lower School to meet with the Head of School. Medals for good manners, for order, and for excellence in various academic subjects are also awarded. A card imprinted Tres Bien signifies “very good”  behavior.
Lily Procession
Lower School commemorates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception in December with a formal procession and Mass. Students present lilies to Mary while saying, “Oh Mary, I give you the lily of my heart. Be thou its guardian forever.”
May Procession
Lower School honors the Blessed Mother on a day in May with a special Mass and Tea.
Lily Procession
FD Mass Luncheon
Ring mass
Little Big TShirts
MS White Team