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Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

She Speaks From The Heart


"My Sacred Heart experience has fostered my love of learning and provided me with the opportunity to receive individualized attention in the small class setting.  Over the four years, Sacred Heart has helped encourage my spiritual growth as well as my appreciation for service.  From the day I walked through the red doors, I felt welcomed into a community that has helped to lay the foundation for a successful future." E. M. '12


"I never figured that Sacred Heart would become so close to my heart.  Through the good and the bad, Sacred Heart has provided a nurturing environment and a second home for me.  During these past four years, I have gained so many sisters that I can talk, laugh and cry with.  I don't think I would be the same person if I had chosen another school.  I know that I have gained enough confidence to go out and take the world by storm!" S.T. '12 


Sacred Heart has provided me with an environment that not only challenged me to constantly strive for success, but welcomed me into a family. Here, I was able to grow both academically and spiritually. My Sacred Heart education has prepared me for my future in college and beyond.”  M.B. '11


“Since 5th grade at Sacred Heart, I’ve learned a lot about myself and have been given a sense of stability with the family feeling here. Sacred Heart has given me a tremendous boost of confidence. I have met different people and learned that everyone has a story. I am truly ready to go out into the real world and give it all I got!” T.P. '11


“The most important thing I learned at Sacred Heart is confidence. I was able to grow into myself as I got older in an environment where I was supported and acknowledged. At Sacred Heart I formed a unique identity, one that I will carry with me when I enter into the world at large. I think my education here allowed me to become more in life, to pursue whatever I want to pursue.” K.S. '11

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