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Country Day School of the Sacred Heart

First and foremost, the Guidance Program at Sacred Heart embraces The Five Goals of Sacred Heart in that we guide and counsel to support:  a personal and active faith in God, a deep respect for intellectual values, a social awareness which impels action, a building of community as a Christian value, and personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

Guidance at Sacred Heart focuses on the social, emotional and educational development of students in relation to their school experience. The central responsibility of the counselor is to be an advocate for the student. The counselors, directors of each school, and faculty advisors act as professional educators to assist each student in reaching her potential. The counselor helps students gain self confidence, effective verbal communication skills, and enhanced self-esteem through seminars. In addition, the counselor aims to assist students in acquiring the motivation, optimistic outlook, and responsibility necessary to become a successful learner. To assist parents and faculty members, the counselor acts to coordinate and interpret test scores and information. The counselor also acts as a resource to provide information regarding local agencies and organizations that can be of assistance to families. 

Confidential individual and group counseling is available for all students. If a student desires the services of the counselor, she may ask permission from the Director of her school to visit the counselor immediately or to schedule an appointment.